The Perfection Program

The Perfection Program is a personalized educational initiative that prioritizes efficient and effective teaching methods. Tailored to each student’s unique learning style, our program is designed to inspire a love for learning and equip students with the skills and confidence for academic success.

Perfection's Best Gurus

Since perfection inception in 1978, we’ve grown to beomce the number one premier tuition in Malaysia.

For the past 45 years, Perfection has provided 1st class tuition with its 1st class result. Pefection is far more than its 1st class place and abience.

We have 1st class teachers who’ve been with Perfection for over half of it’s life and extudents who now sent their children to Perfection as they believe and trust the quality of tuition delivered. Today Percfection has produced a lot of incredibly successful studensts, no other centers can match.

Standard 5-6

Primary School

Subjects we cover

This program prepares students for UASA with the guidance from our qualified tutors.

Why Tuition Ahead

  • Start ahead and stay ahead

    You study ahead of school. When school reopens you would understand before hand thus making you a step ahead of the rest in class.

  • Revision to improve memory

    When you study for the second time in school, it acts like a revision. As has been said, the more you study, the better your memory power becomes.

  • Better understanding increases interest

    When you have a better understanding, it not only improves your memory, but also generates more interest in the subject thus making study an adventure to look forward to.

  • A good beginning makes a good ending

    A good beginning is useful as all topics progress from foundation to a higher level. A strong foundation will make learning easier as it goes along.

  • Constant momentum of study

    It is strongly advised that you do not let your study momentum drop as recovering takes a lot of effort and time especially after a long period of stagnancy.

  • Benefits of teaching others

    When you start ahead, you understand much better when the same tpocis are revised in school. Use this advantage to guide or teach your friends in school thus making you even much better. Output teaching is better than input learning.

  • No more no time

    WHen you're prepared ahead, it gives you more time to do other work without feeling guilty of not doing much studies due to long holidays. you won't be trapped by insufficient time of study when they exam comes.

  • Boost your confidence

    Increase your self confidence when you know you're well prepared. No more fear of exam because you know you can do well. It has been proven, the good get better and the worse become worst. The real confidence comes from good preparation.

Form 1-5

Secondary School

Subjects we cover

With a proved track record, our tutors specializes in helping students ace their PT3 and SPM tests. Special seminars and teaching methods are provided to ensure we bring out the best in our students.

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